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The Glacial Heritage Development Partnership

launching a partner nonprofit for economic development, community development, and tourims

For the last several years, the JCEDC has conducted a national review of economic development, community development, and tourism best practices and considered how it might take the organization and its impact to the next level. Why? Because these sectors today are highly competitive, with competitor communities and regions pursuing new jobs, investment, and brand awareness through aggressive tactics to attract new businesses, retain / expand their existing companies, and grow new companies from the ground up. Many communities—both larger and smaller than the Jefferson County area—have launched ambitious multi-year programs to gain a competitive advantage and ensure they are on the winning side of the continuing economic rebound and beyond.

JCEDC leadership has concluded that the right approach is for the public sector to partner with and engage the private sector in developing, funding and implementing a dynamic new strategic initiative for economic development.

2017-2021 Strategic plan

As an initial matter, the JCEDC has created a public-private nonprofit organization, the Glacial Heritage Development Partnership (GHDP), which will lead and coordinate the area’s strategic efforts in economic development. The plan is for an expanded JCEDC staff to manage implementation of GHDP’s 5-year Strategic Plan and for the organization to be funded by private and public sector financial supporters.

the GHDP strategic plan


Download the GHDP 2017-2021 Strategic Plan here.

The goals in the GHDP 2017-2021 Strategic Plan are grouped into four distinct areas of focus:

Business: Grow business, capital investment and employment opportunities

Workforce: Attract, develop and alight talent

Build capacity: Grow the GHDP's capacity to execute professional economic development programs and services

Marketing: Raise awareness of the area's assets to attract business investment, talent and visitors with discretionary dollars