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The purpose of the Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium (JCEDC) is to foster and encourage responsible, economic development activities that result in job creation, retention, increased tax base and an improved sustainability and quality of life for the citizens of the Jefferson County area.

Our Work

The Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium (JCEDC) serves as the lead economic development organization in the Jefferson County area. The Consortium was formed in June 2003 to implement the area's overall economic development program and to achieve the economic development goals of the area. Its overall goals are to foster and encourage responsible, sustainable economic development activities.

The Consortium consists of eleven voting members, which includes a representative from each of eight member villages or cities in the area (this includes the cities of Watertown, Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, Whitewater, Lake Mills, Waterloo and the Villages of Johnson Creek and Cambridge), and three county board supervisors. Serving in an ex-officio and non-voting capacity are representatives from the WEDC, the UW-Extension, and the Jefferson County Administrator. In addition, the Board has advisory members from the banking, agriculture and utility sectors of the business community.

Some of the programs and activities of the JCEDC include:

  • - To improve the competitiveness and profitability of existing businesses. More>>
  • - To encourage formation of new businesses and expansion of existing business in the County. More>>
  • - To encourage businesses and industries to locate in Jefferson County. More>>
  • - To enhance economic development activities in local communities and foster the development of physical infrastructure to support future economic development. More>>
  • - To maintain the desired quality of life of each community through managed growth. More>>
  • - To improve opportunities for agribusiness. More>>