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The Jefferson County area is located midway between the Milwaukee and Madison metropolitan areas with excellent access via Interstate I-94 and other regional highways. This southern Wisconsin county consists of 6 cities, 4 villages, and 16 towns. The County contains just over 80,000 residents and is averaging an annual growth of about 1-2% per year. Almost two-thirds of the population lives in cities or other villages. The largest city is Watertown with a population around 25,000. The fastest growing Village is Johnson Creek with a growth rate of over 4% annually. The city with the highest annual growth rate is Lake Mills.

The communities of the Jefferson County area have been successful in developing sound and diversified economies. However, agriculture is still a vital contributor to the economic, social, and cultural fabric of the area. In spite of growth pressures from nearby metro areas, the area retains is bucolic rural character and showcases its scenic natural aras. Jefferson County is located in the glaciated portion of Wisconsin, and the topography and drainage patterns of the Rock River basin reflect diverse glacial landforms including drumlins, end moraines, kettle moraines, lakes, and eskers.

A land use inventory has identified approximately 68% of the total land area in agriculture and woodland use. About 14% of the land is designated wetland and almost 8% is rural development. Cities and villages consume about 5% of the land and less than 5% is open water.

For more information, visit our local tourism partner's website, Jefferson County Tourism Council.