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Corporate Presence and Manufacturing Diversity

Jefferson County has a well established corporate presence with significant and diverse goods and service producing companies. Manufacturing is the single largest source of employment in the County with almost 25% of all jobs (compared to only 16% and 10% in Wisconsin and the nation respectively). The service industry, led by high quality and growing health care operations, represent another significant employment sector.

Our business retention and expansion program connects existing businesses to resources inside and outside the Jefferson County area. New business attraction efforts focus within the upper Midwest and collaborate with regional economic partners to attract businesses nationally and internationally.

Some notable manufacturing companies in the area include Trek Bicycle's international headquarters, Jones Dairy Farm, Eaton, Fisher Barton, Clasen Quality Coatings, Aztalan Engineering, Basin Precision Machining, and Baker Rullman.

Key manufacturing sectors targeted for growth and expansion include:

- Advanced Electrical
- Bioenergy
- Food Processing
- Outdoor Recreation