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Economic Focus & Emerging Clusters

The vision for the economic focus of this region is still being created. The area's assets of small town living, agriculture and food processing and advanced manufacturing complement the emerging economies to our west. This includes the Capital Region centered on Dane County and the seven county Milwaukee 7 region to our east. The emerging industries of the bio-economy, health care, clean and green technologies, freshwater technologies and bio-medical devices are being elevated as emerging clusters of the “Mad-Waukee” connection which pivot from the Jefferson County area.

Niche Economic Sectors & Select Major Employers

The Jefferson County area has several “niche” economic sectors that are prominent and may be considered special enough to provide special advantage to this area. Key sectors that are distinctive include:

  • - Agribusiness: Home to the headquarters of Crave Brothers Cheese Farmstead, our area boasts a strong history in this sector
    - Advanced Manufacturing: international headquarters of Trek Bicycle (World’s largest bicycle manufacturer)
    - Advanced Electrical: Home to Generac and several other companies spearheading innovation in this industry
    - Bioenergy: We're central to the emerging bio-energy economy in southern Wisconsin
    - Food Processing: Home to the nation's most productive food processing region including Jones Dairy Farm headquarters, Johnsonville Sausage, and others
    - Health Care: Striving to become home to Wisconsin's Third Medical School
    - Outdoor Recreation: We aim to strengthen the area’s outdoor recreation offerings, capitalize on these by attracting and retaining talent predisposed to locate near such opportunities, and nurture the area’s tourism and outdoor recreation manufacturing economic sectors
    - Retail: Our locally-owned and national retailers bring local flavor with urban amenities