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Shaping the Jefferson County Area’s 21st-Century Economy

From small start up businesses to major corporate enterprises the Jefferson County Area is the right place to locate. We a have a diversified economy with major manufacturing firms like Trek Bicycle to strong service business such as Fort Healthcare. Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium works with entrepreneurs to grow their business while assisting existing businesses in their retention and expansion efforts. Our strong agricultural and food processing background has initiated growth in our emerging bioenergy economy. Several niche startup businesses are providing support services to the emerging bioenergy economy.

Regional Context

The Jefferson County Area is located in a special region with proximity to the Great Lakes basin, Wisconsin’s “North Woods,” and the agricultural production “bread basket” of the United States. We are located in one of the largest metropolitan regions in the entire country. Our region is in the population center of greater Chicago-Milwaukee, and we share an eight-County regional economic development organization with Madison and Dane County.

The Jefferson County area is physically connected to, and ideally located in, the center of the most diverse and dynamic economic development generation regions in Wisconsin. The area and its communities are positioned to build on our strengths such as small town living, agriculture and food processing and advance manufacturing. At the same time, we can leverage and take advantage of this strong linkage to our two adjacent metropolitan areas which have world class status as research and industrial centers.

Assets for Locating in the Jefferson County area

The vibrant economy in the area enhances our quality of life. Because of careful planning and a tradition of land preservation we have balanced growth while maintaining community livability. The area’s park system, biking options, water sports, fishing, and cultural sites, to name only a few, all add to the quality of life while contributing to the economy.

  • • Low cost of living, high quality of life
    • Advanced economic development team in place to assist
    • Proximity to markets, research & development hubs
    • Located along Mad-Waukee corridor
    • Corporate presence and diversified economy = available, trained workforce